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Mustard Foods is a high quality food manufacturing business based in Wimbledon. The company has a long history of high-end catering to London’s elite since 1974. Mustard supplies ready-to-serve meals, sides, and sauces to over 450 UK foodservice establishments including luxury hotels, restaurants, and corporate offices.

Wholesale Bestsellers

Massaman Vegetable Curry

Massaman Vegetable Curry

Fragrant Thai vegetable curry with red pepper and bamboo shoots.
Spiced Katsu Arancini

Spiced Katsu Arancini

Spiced arancini with mozzarella cheese and pickled radish.
Caribbean Sweet Potato

Caribbean Sweet Potato

Caribbean coconut stew with sweet potato, thyme & lime.
Makhani Butter Chicken

Makhani Butter Chicken

Medium spiced curry flavoured with garlic, chilli and fenugreek.

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Oliver NorcliffeOllie’s House Owner

“I appreciate how reliable and efficient Mustard Foods are. They’re a longstanding supplier who always deliver the flavour and quality that our customers expect”

David StevensThe Wolseley Head Chef

“It’s an incredible help to have Mustard behind us, nourishing our staff with great meals they can eat at any time.”

Richard KwiecienMichels & Taylor Operations Director

“We are very happy with the excellent level of service and quality from Mustard Foods.”

Slavko ŠvageljGlobal Relay London Head Chef

“By using our reliable suppliers like Mustard Foods our team recognises and appreciates the quality of our food.”