Try Mustard Foods’ wholesale, restaurant-quality handmade meals this Vegetarian Week

Vegetarian Week is a time to reflect on your health, the climate and wildlife. Mustard Foods Wholesale can support your restaurant with high quality versatile vegetarian and vegan meals.

Why Vegetarian Week?

According to Speciality Food, the Week aims to educate consumers on the positive impact vegetarian and vegan diets have on the climate and personal health. And with a further 8.8 million Brits planning to go meat-free this year in addition to the existing population of 7.2 million, there is a huge market to sell vegetarian and vegan food in 2022.

Mustard Wholesale

Our range of over 40 restaurant-quality handmade meals includes 20 vegetarian and vegan options. From Mac & Cheese, to a range of Thai Curry options, a full selection of soups and some great sides including Bang Bang sauce, Lentil Dhal and Spicy Korean Sauce.

Who uses Mustard Foods Wholesale

Mustard Foods supplies over 450 restaurants across the UK with overnight delivery and short lead times. Our range of restaurant-quality handmade meals are used by restaurant groups for these key reasons

  • Shortage of chefs and skilled staff
  • Increasing labour rates
  • Consistency across restaurant groups
  • Control margins and food costs
  • Reduce kitchen space for front of house

If you’d like a sample of our vegetarian or other products please email [email protected]