Putting safety first with a First Aid course

Putting safety first with a First Aid course

Jul 28, 2018Mustard Foods

In July Mustard Foods held a First Aid course on-site for eight staff with the aim of raising our standards regarding Health and Safety.

Committed to providing staff across all shifts and teams with the training required to deal with unexpected situations that could arise, the First Aid course was of vital importance as it is in any business.

Mustard Foods is proud of our Health and Safety record and having been awarded Gold Status for Health & Safety compliance by Stallard Kane and Associates – we are fully committed to looking after the welfare of our colleagues.

The course involved basic life saving skills as well as First Aid training that covered minor accident situations.

Staff were taught the correct way to use all the equipment located within our First Aid kits, Burns kits, Eye Wash stations and Biochemical kits.

Facilities and HR Manager Adrian McCaffrey said: “We aim to continue with the many training and development opportunities we offer our employees, designed to install confidence and improve their knowledge, skills and adaptability when preparing for the unexpected.

“We at Mustard foods encourage individuals to take responsibility and display leadership behaviour as part of their own personal development.

“Our Basic life saving training is part of our journey to achieving our goal of becoming one of the finest food production companies in the UK.”

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