Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our case size is 270mm long x 180mm deep x 130mm high
  • All our products are packed in 1.2kg sous vide bags. Each case has 3x1.2kg bags.
  • Arancini is packed in 2x1kg bags with approximately 28-30 arancini per bag.

No, all our products are frozen. We do offer a bespoke service however minimum order quantities will be 150kg+

Yes, each product label includes this detail. You can also browse our catalogue here:

Protein products with chicken, beef, lamb and pork usually have in the region of 38%+ protein to ensure each portion has protein.

We are accredited by SALSA (Safe and Local Accredited Supplier). We are audited internally and externally by clients and partners on a monthly basis. We welcome you to visit our site at any time.

Mustard Foods is moving to strictly halal-slaughtered chicken, certified by Halal Consultations 2013 Ltd, a member of the World Halal Council. 

The Mustard Foods production facility is not halal-certified, but we adhere to strict prerequisite programs throughout the manufacturing process, in accordance with HACCP standards. This means production is isolated based on allergens and halal products, to ensure strict separation and food safety standards. As a SALSA-accredited facility for 9 years running, we’re committed to food safety, and follow strict ingredient-handling procedures.

As of July 2024, Mustard Foods products using strictly halal chicken are:

As more products move to strictly halal chicken, we will update the product list accordingly. By the end of 2024, we aim to use strictly halal-slaughtered poultry and beef for all products. 

Halal certificates for chicken products listed above provided upon request.

Yes, all the allergen information is included on the label and listed on our website.

Yes, we can supply product specifications on request.

We have worked with the following procurement and supply chain platforms, but our Client Services team can register on any system you require. 

  • Procure Wizard
  • Caternet
  • Fourth Hospitality
  • Polaris Quantum
  • Acquire
  • Kafoodle
  • Opri
  • Epsys (Foodbuy)
  • Authenticate
  • £200 via overnight courier.
  • 140 Case pallet on overnight pallet delivery.
  • ‘Premium Service’ is subject to requirements

The additional 15% fee allows you

  • Menu management
  • Timed deliveries and managed not overnight courier
  • Multiple deliveries per week
  • Central London
  • Delivery cancellation / order changes within 3 days of delivery

Yes, when we set-up your ordering profile on our ERP system or the online wholesale shop we will need to know in advance so orders are processed accordingly. Please let us know the references to be applied alongside in advance.

Each site will receive its own invoice and statement. We are unable to consolidate site invoices and statements and therefore these will appear as separate accounts.

Shipping destinations:

  • We ship both locally and nationally
  • Min order of £200

Shipping times:

  • 5 day lead time required for all orders