Easy online orders – we work with ERP systems like Procure Wizard, Acquire and Caternet

Easy online orders – we work with ERP systems like Procure Wizard, Acquire and Caternet

Jun 21, 2024Nikita Singh

Easy online orders – we work with ERP systems like Procure Wizard, Acquire and Caternet. 

In a busy kitchen, the most tedious task is managing suppliers. Mustard Foods offers multiple methods to order and manage stock, from no-fuss direct online ordering to detailed menu planners. Let us simplify the workload for your chefs and your purchasing team. 


How do I order from Mustard Foods? 

It’s never been easier to order from Mustard Foods. After opening an account, you can order directly from the online shop, place an order via email, or simply send your account manager a text message. If your business uses a procurement portal, like Acquire or Caternet, our client services team will manage product integration and load the full Mustard catalogue on your ERP system. 

If you don’t want to open an account, you can easily order and pay via the Rekki marketplace app.


Which ERP systems do you work with?

Our dedicated client services team has experience with the following systems:

  • Procure Wizard
  • Fourth Hospitality
  • Caternet by Zupa
  • Polaris Quantum
  • Acquire by Zonal
  • Kafoodle
  • Opri
  • Epsys Foodbuy

We also use Authenticate and other supply chain transparency software. If you use a different system, get in touch so we can learn more. 


How do I access allergen information?

Every product on our website lists ingredients, allergens, and nutritional information. For more detailed product specifications, simply make a request with your account manager. Once your account is active, you will have access to all Mustard Foods technical specifications including ingredients, country of origin, allergens and nutritional data. As a SALSA-accredited supplier, our T&Q team regularly update product specifications in accordance with safety guidelines.


The bottom line

As mentioned in our blog on UK chef shortages, Zupa CEO Ollie Brand highlights the need for operational efficiency in the hospitality sector. “Admin must be automated where possible to free up time and resources in a world still stifled by people shortages and rising operational costs.” Let our client services team assist with ERP portal integration and menu planning to free up time and resources for your kitchen.

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