Secrets from a development chef

Secrets from a development chef

Jun 13, 2024Nikita Singh

Secrets from a development chef – inside the Mustard Foods summer range

Mustard Foods just launched their summer range. The collection, developed to fill the gaps in the market, include light and fresh summer meals: Cuban Pork and Black Beans, Lamb and Aubergine Ragu, Mexican Chicken Adobo, and many more. Mustard’s talented chefs share secrets from the development kitchen… 


Who are Mustard’s development chefs?

Allison Vines-Rushing, accomplished chef and co-author of Southern Comfort, has over 30 years experience in the food industry. Before joining the Mustard team, Allison studied at New York’s Institute of Culinary Education and ran her own catering business Rushing Cuisine.

Highly skilled Keralan chef Mons Mathew has over 30 years experience in the food industry, and this year celebrates 10 years at Mustard Foods! After 7 years as a chef with Royal Caribbean cruise ships, serving 3 meals a day to 3000 customers, Mons has honed his skills of quality and consistency across large batches of food. 

Together, Allison and Mons make a formidable development team. Their collective knowledge and creativity help to produce high quality, consistent products for Mustard’s wholesale and bespoke clients. 


What influences their cooking?

Both chefs draw on influences from childhood, their hometowns, and their early careers. For example, corn chowder is a classic American soup made every summer when sweetcorn is in season. “Corn chowder is really common, every region has their variation on it and everyone thinks theirs is the best,” says Allison. 

Allison and Mons tried a few corn soups around London, but couldn’t find a chunky authentic Southern version. Mustard’s Corn Chowder is hearty and comforting, with chunks of soft potato, just like the chowders Allison grew up with. 

Similarly, Mons recalls the first time he tried paneer masala. He was working at a hotel in Chennai when he first tasted the rich creamy North Indian-style paneer dish. The version Mons created for Mustard includes cauliflower, peas, and a unique spice blend developed specifically for Paneer Masala. All our Indian curries have their own signature spice blend, mixed on the day of production. “We use a homemade spice blend for an authentic Indian flavour, not generic powders off-the-shelf,” says Mons. 


 Brion preparing a signature spice blend before production.


What is the biggest misconception about Mustard Foods?

Both chefs say the same thing – frozen food is bad. Wrong!

“After I joined Mustard Foods, I realised that the frozen food we produce is high quality, delicious, and the safest products,” says Mons. As a SALSA-accredited production facility for nine years running, there’s no doubt that Mustard products are safe and reliable. “There’s a huge misconception that frozen food isn't good. All our clients that come for a tasting are blown away by the taste and quality. A lot of work goes into each dish and it definitely reflects that,” says Allison.


Have you tried our new summer products?

Simply fill out the sample request form for a sample box of Mustard’s high quality, consistent meals developed by highly experienced chefs. 

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