SALSA accreditation 9 years running

SALSA accreditation 9 years running

Mar 06, 2024Nikita Singh

If you’ve visited the Mustard Foods facility, it’s no surprise that we’ve achieved SALSA accreditation for 9 years running. 

Our technical team, led by Marlie Le Roux, follows strict health and safety guidelines to maintain a safe production facility for our staff, and our customers. 

“Through teamwork we’re able to adapt and continually improve our food safety systems to achieve excellence in the field and establish confidence within the market,” says Le Roux. 


What is SALSA?

SALSA (Safe and Local Supplier Approval) is a food safety standard written by experienced food safety experts to encompass the legal requirements for producers and food safety expectations of professional food buyers. 

SALSA explains that “approval certification is only granted to suppliers who are able to demonstrate to a SALSA auditor that they are able to produce and supply safe and legal food, and are committed to continually meeting the requirements of the SALSA standard”. 

As an approved supplier for nine years, SALSA recognises that Mustard Foods operates safely and exceeds the standards expected by enforcement authorities. 

Why is SALSA important?

As a high quality food manufacturer, Mustard Foods supplies businesses across the foodservice, hospitality, and catering sectors. We supply wholesale products to 5-star hotels and  restaurants, and develop bespoke products for a select group of London’s top restaurant groups. 

With these prestigious clients in mind, we’re committed to maintaining the finest food production, and the highest food safety standards by renewing our SALSA accreditation each year. 

Mustard Foods HR & Facilities Manager Adrian McCaffrey comments, “our internal safety procedures and regular facility upgrades throughout the years means we’re audit-ready at any given time. With our experienced technical team and the support of our SALSA mentors we continuously achieve SALSA accreditation through excellent standards”. 

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