Our Good Business Journey

What is a good business journey?

The good business journey is our commitment to care for people, the earth and the community in a measurable way that makes us accountable. From ingredient sourcing to team progression, we strive to always be open, honest, ethical and fair. Our goals are centred around five key areas of focus: waste reduction, water and energy conservation, team development, and community involvement.

Key areas of focus


We recycle or repurpose 96% of our annual waste including cardboard, food waste, and general mixed waste through a system of local waste management companies.


Our inedible food waste is processed by Bio Collectors to provide bio-gas directly into the National Grid. We also use energy efficient Rational VCCs and LED energy-saving bulbs.


We save 39 000 litres of water annually with the help of flow restrictors fitted on our taps and cistermisers installed in our washrooms to reduce overall water consumption.


We’re committed to maintain a safe and secure work environment for all, to provide two meals a day, to support and motivate our team, and recognise and award their efforts.


The best way for us to serve our community is through food. This means supporting our local charity groups, schools and local events when possible.