Mustard Foods team members watched the Royal Ballet School

A day at the Opera Holland Park

Aug 29, 2019Mustard Foods

Mustard Foods recently visited the Opera Holland Park to be mesmerized by the Royal Ballet School.

Taking place in an elegant marquee auditorium that was designed for open-air opera performances, the group watched the ballet company’s White Lodge students put on a powerful and elegant performance.

A mix of dance styles ranging from classical ballet to contemporary, the dancers performed work by choreographers including Frederick Ashton, Marius Petipa and David Bintley.

“I really enjoyed the classical ballet and the modern dance, which is very entertaining,” said Accounts Manager Nema Amavasee.

It was a wonderful evening, thoroughly enjoyed by everyone who attended.

Production Manager Edgar Solis added: “I recommend this unique experience, it is a must-see for everyone and I would definitely want to return.”

Founded in 1974, the Mustard Group has a long-lasting relationship with arts and culture in London, catering to many prestigious venues including the V&A, The Royal Opera House and The Wallace.

That continued with the establishment of Mustard Foods in 2009 with the company maintaining a close affiliation with the Royal Ballet School through Chairman Woodin, one of their long-term supporters.

Many of those attending the prestigious dance school come from less fortunate parts of the world with patrons such as Mustard Foods helping make their dreams come true by providing financial support for ballet shoes and other dance equipment.

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