Are You The Best Cook? I’m Not! Mustard To The Rescue

Are You The Best Cook? I’m Not! Mustard To The Rescue

Jul 23, 2020Mustard Foods

Editor Karine Torr tries out some chef made, home cooked style dishes which usually end up on your plate at various popular restaurants on the high street.

They arrived frozen in a cardboard box and plastic pouches (nothing like the glamorous food shots you see in an expensive recipe book, I must say, but they hid the treats that were to come). We kept out the red Thai curry for a family try out – the rest went back into the freezer.

The great test

I had ordered from the wide range of meals that cater for all the various family tastes. There were a couple of vegetarian options, and some curried meat and chicken dishes. I thought I would also try the basmati rice, and James from Mustard threw some pasta shells into the bargain. Following his instructions, I popped them into a pot to gently warm them up to serving temperature. Whatever early suspicions we might have had were quickly dispelled with the first delicious fork full of the red Thai curry we had chosen. It was juicy and flavourful, full of those lovely rich Thai flavours of lemon grass, bamboo shoots and kafir leaves, as exotic and succulent as anything you’d get at an authentic Thai restaurant. Just delicious!

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