The Mustard Family Foods story - an inspirational message to all

The Mustard Family Foods story - an inspirational message to all

Aug 19, 2020Mustard Foods

It did not take long before our new project, Mustard Family Foods became known. The inspiring story of a team of entrepreneurs refusing to throw in the towel caught the attention of a few writers.

The South African Chamber of Commerce published an article depicting how Mustard Foods shifted its business operations from supplying over 120 tonnes of food to 32 restaurant groups in London, to providing restaurant-quality frozen meal boxes to families to enjoy at home and sup/porting the NHS hospital staff with 600 hot meals on a daily basis.

Moving from a business model to a business to customer model

Furthermore, an article published by Innovation Weekly #5 used Mustard Foods as a case study of a business which moved from a business to business model to a business to customer model in one weekend! It was this rapid action by James Durrant and the management team that kept Mustard Foods afloat and sustained the employees’ livelihood.

From the day Mustard Family Foods was launched, it has been involved with Critical NHS, a non-profit organisation, supporting NHS staff and vulnerable groups during the COVID-19 crisis. What a rare privilege to be part of this initiative, providing the NHS hospital staff with steaming hot meals and being in a position to support vulnerable groups in refugee centres and women shelters.

“Considering the current circumstances, as a community, it is imperative that we come together to support our community, especially those on the frontline, as well as local businesses and do what we can to help one another during this time”- James Durrant, Mustard Foods Co-Founder and Director.

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