Mustard Foods home delivery steps up a gear!

Mustard Foods home delivery steps up a gear!

Aug 28, 2020Mustard Foods

Take a trip to the Mustard Foods Kitchen in Weir Road and you will notice that something is different from the last time you popped in. Mustard Foods is always evolving; it was this flexibility that was key to our survival through one of the most challenging times in the UK – the lockdown which shut down many booming businesses.

Being a supplier of the finest restaurant food exclusively to restaurant groups in the UK, we were suddenly out of business overnight when all restaurants were closed by law due to the lockdown which commenced on Friday, the 13th of March. Appreciating the severity of the situation, an emergency management meeting was called the next morning…. and so within a few hours, Mustard Family Foods was conceived (and born), changing our target market from restaurant groups to households and essential workers.

So, what’s new at Mustard Foods?

  • This past month our Facilities Manager, Adrian McCaffrey, took delivery of a brand-new VW Maxi Caddy taking our deliveries to a new level!
  • Furthermore, Mustard Family Foods has become such an integral part of our business that there is no going back on this exciting journey we have embarked on. The overwhelmingly positive feedback and enthusiasm with which Mustard Family Foods has been received is proof enough – Mustard Family Foods is here to stay!
  • Also, our product range has now grown from four family meal boxes to a selection of over 24 delicious restaurant quality handmade meals to choose from… and counting. Of course, we still have something else up our sleeve – we are now looking into developing seasonal meal boxes.
  • This month, we have introduced an incredible wholesale offering making it possible for smaller restaurant groups to have access to our delectable dishes. If you are interested in wholesale for your restaurant, school, museum or similar organisation, please contact us

Success is not a destination but a journey. This is how we keep growing in every aspect of life so that if we find an obstacle along the way, we know how to find an alternative route to continue the journey.” – Adrian McCaffrey, Mustard Foods Facilities Manager.

Pictured L-R

Adrian McCaffrey, Karolina Lenkiewicz , Daniel Jarvis

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