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Brexit or No Brexit, Mustard Foods is ready

Mar 25, 2019Mustard Foods

As Brexit continues to dominate headlines in the United Kingdom, Mustard Foods is prepared for either eventuality – Brexit or No Brexit.

There continues to be uncertainty over Britain’s exit from the European Union, whether it will go ahead and if so when with the latest reports saying April 12th or May 22nd.

However, with so much at stake we are not leaving anything to chance and have taken the opportunity to upgrade our warehousing and therefore ensure we have sufficient storage to stock the ingredients we need.

With this in mind we have maximised our warehouse unit, stripping it back and adding more push back racking that allows for an additional 74 pallets.

The push back racking is unique with its sliding pallet runners that mean we can store pallets behind one another but still have easy access. This allows us to make our FIFO, first in first out, processes more efficient. As an extra measure we have implemented colour a coded pallets system making it easier for our Warehouse Team to identify in take dates. This has given us a better ability to insure stock is rotated correctly and picked in order.

With the new racking in place, we have begun to stock pile ingredients with an additional three months ambient ingredient stock.

Kyle Richards, Purchasing Manager, said: “No one knows how Brexit is going to turn out but our first responsibility at Mustard Foods is to our clients and our team members. Thanks to our new push back racking, we have streamline stock picking and management, making it more efficient while increasing our pallet storage – Brexit or not Brexit, Mustard Foods is ready.”

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