Mustard Foods Christmas Awards Jan 2019

Celebrating the best at our annual Christmas Party

Jan 24, 2019Mustard Foods

Mustard Foods celebrated 2018 in style, heading to the Munich Cricket Club in Victoria for our annual Christmas Awards Party.

Live music, fantastic food, free-flowing beers and a bit of dancing that left a lot to be desired were the order of the night as we gathered to toast a successful 2018 for the company.

The awards evening wasn’t all about the fun and the food, it was also a moment to acknowledge the tremendous work done by many at Mustard Foods.

From the newcomers who have integrated with us so seamlessly to the loyal team members who have been with Mustard Foods for years, we saluted them last Saturday.

Ashley Lotcho and Adrian McCaffrey

Newcomer of the Year:
This award goes to the person, or persons, who joined the company in 2018 and represents our values as well as being a team player.
Monika Konczyk
Ismail Bilgic

Our Values Award:
Awarded to the person who has the five attributes of believing in people; quality – what we do, we do very well; progression – continuously advancing in everything we do; integrity – always open, honest, ethical and fair; and prudence – take time, thought and care.
Angelika Chrzaszcz

Team Player:
This award is given to the person who best represents the three key attributes of humility, hunger and people smarts.
Ken Mortimer

Loyalty Award:
Mons Mathew
Edgar Solis

Mustard Foods Christmas Awards Jan 2019 award

Operations Manager Ashley Lotcho was on hand to present the awards along with our Facilities Manager, Adrian McCaffrey.

“It was a honour and privilege to join Adrian presenting this year’s awards at Munich Cricket Club,” he said.

“The award winners for 2018 have all shown incredible leadership qualities, adaptability, a continued desire to work with others, self-initiative and resilience.

“We have a team from around the world, from all walks of life, with a wide range of abilities, skills and experiences.

“In my humble opinion there are simply not enough awards to reflect the hard work and commitment of the entire team over the past 12 months – well done to all!”

Munich Cricket Club

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