Mustard Foods makes a Ripple

Mustard Foods makes a Ripple

Jan 23, 2019Mustard Foods

Mustard Foods is embracing a new world order with our first international transaction using RippleNet.

Paying a supplier in Mexico, it took just a matter of seconds for the funds to cross the pond.

Using XPR, often referred to as ‘real cryptocurrency’, and RippleNet, we saved 31 hours and £79.17 on the transaction.

“As a bespoke food production company supplying 500+ restaurants in the UK and Europe, we are constantly paying suppliers around the world to get the right ingredients at source for our customers,” said Commercial Director James Durrant.

“Faster, cheaper payments allow us to fulfil our orders quickly and grow our business.”

A global payment network, RippleNet makes it easy to connect across its network of 200+ banks and payment providers worldwide.

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