From restaurants to retail, a new door opens

From restaurants to retail, a new door opens

Feb 27, 2020Shopify API

As 2020 goes full steam ahead, the steady flow of new clients and opportunities continue to excite and push the boundaries of Mustard Foods’ sales and development teams.

Traditionally Mustard Foods has focused on the high street, supplying everything from soups to sauces and curries to slow-cooked proteins to restaurant chains and hotels in the UK, Ireland, France, Germany and Portugal.

However, with the new year, a new door has opened. Mustard Foods has entered the retail world!

We have partnered with a major retail supplier to supply one of the largest supermarket chains in the UK with a Thai Red Curry Sauce. The product will initially be trialled in 10 retail outlets but there is huge potential for this to be made available in hundreds of stores nationwide.

Strategic Account Manager Dan Pearson said: “This is a very exciting opportunity for us as a business. Manufacturing a bespoke Thai Red Sauce is our absolute sweet spot in terms of product and process and we have the capabilities to service the whole estate if required.”

The Thai Red Curry Sauce is Mustard Foods’ first foray into the retail market and concludes months of hard work behind the scenes by both our sales and development teams.

But while it may be our first product heading into a supermarket, it definitely won’t be our last.

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