Happy birthday Mustard Foods!

Happy birthday Mustard Foods!

May 04, 2018Mustard Foods

Mustard Foods is turning 10 in May and we have plenty to celebrate in what has been a decade of growth and success.

Born out of Mustard Catering which was founded in 1974, Mustard Foods was started by then Executive Chef Director of Mustard Catering, James Robins.

With our values of “believe in people, quality, prudence, progression, and integrity” at the forefront, we began running a 24 hours 5 days a week production to meet growing demand in January 2016 from our base in Wimbledon.

A year later, Mustard Foods reached a milestone with our products used in over 400 restaurants in the UK.

Now distributing into Europe as well, we have grown to include 34 restaurant groups reaching 550 plus restaurants – and we still have our very first client, Chilango, on board.

Producing approximately 140 tonnes, our infrastructure has also grown over the years with our latest acquisition, an extra wide-bodied on-site freezer housing 56 pallets, going live in January.

With clients ranging from street food set-ups to growing 80+ restaurant groups, we’ve shared ideas and flavours with some of the best in the food industry.

It has been a decade worth celebrating; here’s hoping for many more.

* Photo is Bill Lancaster, Roberto Santibañez, James Robins developing for Chilango in 2008

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