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Hasan Johnson: King of Mustard Foods' Arancini Balls

Feb 11, 2020Shopify API
Meet Hasan Johnson, the man behind all the arancini balls created by Mustard Foods – that’s over two million last year alone!
The young lad, after all, age is but a number, was born in the United Kingdom in 1965 before moving back to his family’s birth land, Jamaica.
Returning to England two decades later, it wasn’t long before he walked through Mustard Catering’s doors.
In fact, joining the company as it was known back then in 1988 it means he has been part of our crew for 31 years, longer than even Managing Director James Robins.
At least now we know who is the longest-serving Mustard Foods member!
Starting out in the Wash Up area in Brixton Road, he worked his way up the ranks, staying with the company when it became Mustard Foods in 2016.
Hasan’s journey with us has seen him mix with high society, catering at his favourite venue, the Banqueting House, and later doing so for none other than Her Royal Highness, The Queen, at the Royal Academy.
These days he’s in our kitchen, working on our famous arancini balls. Such is his expertise that he even rolls them in his sleep!
Outside the kitchen, Hasan is a family man, who speaks both English and Jamaican, and is married with two daughters.
Like many in our country, he’s a man who loves his sport from watching cricket to supporting his favourite football team, Crystal Palace. After all, a man cannot support a team that he cannot watch up close. As you can imagine the celebrations were huge when they stepped up to the EFL in 2013.
The church is a big part of Hasan’s life and he has taken the role of team leader at Saint Barnabas Church in Bromley.
Perhaps it is listening to church hymns since childhood that has given him his appreciation for music.

But while ‘Hello is it me you’re looking for’ by Lionel Ritchie is his all-time favourite, Hasan also enjoys a bit of rap. We know, he gave us a sample during our interview.

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