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Keeping food waste local with Bio Collectors

Nov 13, 2018Mustard Foods

Mustard Foods is proud to join forces with Bio Collectors as our primary collector of food waste.

Bio Collectors are based only five miles away in Mitcham, attracting our attention to involve a local business when it comes to disposal of our food waste.

A company which has 40 years experience and continues to grow, Bio Collectors are the largest independent food waste recycling plant in London.

Mustard Foods believes that working with Bio Collectors will enhance our commitment to our ‘Good business journey’ while developing a positive relationship as we continue to follow our passion for looking after the environment.

“We are excited to begin working together with Mustard Foods to turn their unavoidable food waste into clean, sustainable energy for the UK,” said James McMillan Marketing and Communications Manager for Bio Collectors.

“As London’s largest independent food waste recycler, we are very pleased to be helping them to realise the many cost and environmental benefits of food waste recycling whilst improving the company’s sustainability.

“By ensuring that every last crumb is converted into beneficial Bio-gas, electricity and high quality fertiliser, Mustard Foods and Bio Collectors are continuing to demonstrate their commitment to the circular economy in London, and for all.”

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