Kyle Richards and Karolina Lenkiewicz

Learning, laughing, strategising with Kerridge

May 14, 2019Mustard Foods

Mustard Foods visited the Cotswolds last week for Kerridge’s annual conference; two days of learning, laughter and strategising for the future.

Last year Kerridge acquired Lakeview, the company that built Mustard Foods’ ERP system.

Purchasing Manager Kyle Richards and Karolina Lenkiewicz attended their two-day conference, which began with a review of Kerridge’s achievements over the past two years.

Andrew Wilkinson, Kerridge’s European Sales Director as well as MD for UK and Ireland James Mitchell set out the company’s plans for the future with regards to mobile app strategies, product updates and how business partners, such as Mustard Foods, can get the most out the ERP system.

It wasn’t all business as neuroscientist Dr Jack Lewis took centre stage on the opening day, giving a talk on how people could better look after their brains.

The evening’s entertainment was handed over to guest speaker Jo Caulfield.

Nominated as ‘Funniest Woman 2010’ at the LAFTA Awards, Caulfield had everyone in the room in stitches as she didn’t hold back in roasting those present – Mustard Foods didn’t escape.

Day Two began with break-out sessions with Kerridge team members about what they can offer with in-depth talks about their updates.

There was lectures on the likes of Manufacturing Solutions, Effective Procurement, Sales Intelligence and their mobile apps for Field Service Solutions.

These proved invaluable for Mustard Foods with Kyle and Karolina also having the opportunity for some one-on-one time with key people from K8 LV.

All in all, a very worthwhile event for moving both Mustard Foods and Kerridge forward.

Until next year!

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