Achieving great leadership through e-learning

Achieving great leadership through e-learning

May 07, 2019Mustard Foods

Mustard Foods has introduced e-learning as part of our Good Business Journey, aimed at assisting our Team Leaders in their endeavour to become great leaders.

At Mustard Foods we stand by our company values of quality, prudence, integrity and believing in people while also striving for progression, both as a company and among the people working with us.

We are committed to the continued investment in education and progression beyond the workplace for our Team Leaders.

As such we have launched a new online e-learning platform that offers our Team Leaders the opportunity to develop their management and communication skills.

There is also Green Cross training for compliance in first aid at work, COSHH and fire warden training.

This unique online training platform gives our Team Leaders the chance to learn at their own pace and feel comfortable about achieving success within their own set timeframes.

HR manager Adrian McCaffrey explained: “I am committed to assisting our Team Leaders in every way possible to be the best leaders they can be.

“In order to ensure that Mustard Foods is the finest food production company in the UK, we need strong leaders throughout every aspect of the business.

“This online platform is just the latest innovation that we have adopted to ensure we get the best out of our people, and they get the best from us.

“In doing so each of our Team Leaders becomes empowered to lead their teams and take responsibility for delivering the high quality products to our clients, timeously and consistently.”

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