Mustard Foods get cooking with Open Kitchen Live

Mustard Foods get cooking with Open Kitchen Live

Sep 18, 2017Mustard Foods

Mustard Foods attended the most recent Open Kitchen Live event, which brings together all those involved in menu development from chefs to contract caterers.

The event, a Frima course, included demonstrations of state of the art commercial catering equipment.

From preparations to storage, cooking to delivery, the open-day event shows off the full range of equipment while also permitting that much-desired tasting experience.

Head of food development Dan Pearson attended along with team chef Carlos Montoya, the man in charge of Mustard Foods’ staff meals.

These meals, prepped and cooked by Montoya, are available five days a week, 24 hours a day, covering all shifts.

Pearson said: “Producing over 120 tonnes of food a month, reaching 450+ restaurants nationwide through Frima and Rational equipment, these events ensure we are using the equipment to its full potential.

“We look forward to attending the next demonstration.”

Mustard Foods has seven Frimas that produce most of our food for clients.

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