Mustard Foods goes Yo-Yo

Mustard Foods goes Yo-Yo

Oct 15, 2018Mustard Foods

Ergonomic design, style and comfort; Mustard Foods has introduced the Yo-Yo Desk to our office space.

Intent on finding new ways to improve the health of our staff, we have invested in the new Yo-Yo Desk for anyone wanting them.

The design of the Yo-Yo Desk transforms any desk into a sit-stand space that is adjusted to suit the individual.

It not only has an adjustable keyboard tray, which can go up or down, but the monitors can swivel, rotate and tilt.

This makes for the perfect sit-stand solution.

“I still sit down some of the time and it works fine but now I stand up for nearly half a day and it feels so much better,” said Dan Pearson, head of food development.

“Less pressure on the back and it is amazingly comfortable to type away standing up. Standing and working – it’s the way forward!”

It has long been known that poor posture and hunching over a keyboard can cause physical and mental stress with Mustard Foods determined to do everything we can to improve the health and lives of our staff.

As your mum also said; good posture leads to a long and healthy life.

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