Mustard Foods Keeps it Local

Mustard Foods Keeps it Local

Dec 05, 2016Shopify API

Earlier this month Mustard Foods took part in the Wimbledon Park Primary Christmas Fair.

Known by the locals as the ‘village school in the heart of Wimbledon’, Wimbledon Park Primary School is situated less than 300 meters from Mustard Food’s production facility.

Mustard Foods sponsored the fair, a first step in looking at ways to get more involved with the community.

The school’s aims of ‘Opportunity, Excellence and Success’ feed straight into the Mustard Foods values.

Mustard Foods Facilities Manager Adrian McCaffrey is keen on keeping it local “We look to source our team members locally,” he says.

“It is important to support the community from which some of our team members come and within which we are based. In 2017 we’re going to look at new ways to engage the community on an ongoing basis.”

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