Tasting the trends at South Bank Food Market #SCFOODMARKET

Tasting the trends at South Bank Food Market #SCFOODMARKET

Dec 14, 2016Shopify API

Recently our Head of Food, Dan Pearson, visited the South Bank Food Market to mingle with Mustard Food clients and taste what’s emerging.

Since launching eight years ago, Mustard Foods has been determined to connect with clients both large and small.

“Visiting food markets and start-up concepts is a great way to see new trends and of course taste some great food,” says Pearson.

“We are dedicated to ensuring the team are always out and about learning and tasting. This allows them to incorporate ideas into client requirements and new concepts.”

Mustard Foods now supplies over 360 outlets in the UK, producing in excess of 100 tonnes of food per month. Growth is set to continue in 2017.

There really is no limit to the size of client! Our smallest clients order 100 kilograms per month and the largest in excess of 12 tonnes.

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