Mustard Foods now reaches 400+ Restaurants in the UK and Europe

Mustard Foods now reaches 400+ Restaurants in the UK and Europe

Apr 04, 2017Shopify API

Mustard Foods reached a new milestone in March with its products now being used in over 400 restaurants in the UK.

From its base in Wimbledon, Mustard Foods continues to offer innovative and bespoke food products to each client. The dedicated development team work closely with clients to ensure they achieve the quality and overall product profile the client is after.

“Whether you run a growing nationwide chain or a start-up street food concept we’ll work with you to develop something fitting and unique to your brand – even if it takes several iterations. We have a determination to get the product just right, consistently!’ confirms Dan Pearson Head of Food at Mustard Foods.

Although most of the restaurant groups Mustard Foods supplies to are based in London, there is a growing number of nationwide groups within the portfolio, some as far north as Glasgow and as far south as Southampton. A recent addition to our portfolio means that Mustard Foods’ products are now distributed into Europe as well.

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