Mustard Foods Reaches New Growth Milestones

Mustard Foods Reaches New Growth Milestones

Sep 16, 2015Shopify API

Mustard Foods, a growing food production company based in Wimbledon, has this month reached a new milestone in its growth. Production levels have now exceeded 80 tonnes of manufactured food monthly.

This performance solidifies Mustard’s role as a major player in the food production industry and provides a strong foundation upon which to expand its operations. Mustard Foods products now reach over 250 restaurants in the UK. Our recently-launched website showcases our offerings and provides an insight into how we operate.

“This growth reinforces Mustard as a major player in the production and supply of bespoke food produce to the fast-growing casual dining sector,” said James Robins, Managing Director. “We look forward to the next phase in the expansion of the business.”

Mustard’s approach focuses on centralised production units (CPUs), which are becoming increasingly popular as they ensure consistency between restaurants; minimise the challenge around the industry shortage of chefs; and allow restaurants in expensive commercial rental spaces to have smaller kitchens and more space for diners.

This recent growth phase, coupled with Mustard’s approach to service delivery, ensures that we anticipate scaling up our offering and growing our central London CPU.

Mustard Foods will continue to focus on its core offering of developing and producing bespoke products for restaurant chains. These include soups, sauces, salsas, chillies, curries, ragu, fillings, dressings, marinades, compounds, seasonings, slow cooked pulses, sous-vide, and slow cooked proteins.

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