Mustard Foods: your central kitchen for any event

Mustard Foods: your central kitchen for any event

May 31, 2023Nikita Singh

Mustard Foods acts as a central kitchen for many hotels, restaurants, pubs, and even festivals like the Brighton Spiegeltent.


What is the Brighton Spiegeltent?

The Brighton Spiegeltent is a month-long cultural festival with cabaret, circus acts, live music and performances from around the world. The pop up venue, located at The Old Steine in Brighton, features fun and whimsical shows at the Tivoli Spiegeltent and Bosco Theater.

Entry to the bars and grounds are free for all to enjoy, with the beer tent and food stalls run by Laine Brew Co. With an astounding 1800 festival goers attending each night, the Brighton Spiegeltent needed quick, consistent and delicious food on offer at their stalls.


How did Mustard get involved?

After a portfolio tasting, chef and event organiser Tom Goodchild selected a few favourites to serve at the festival. His selection included Thai curries, Mexican chilli, and chicken teriyaki. Tom’s creative meal accompaniments ensured his customers received high quality but value for money meals throughout the festival.

Mustard’s Thai Green Chicken Curry is served with steamed rice, and topped with fresh coriander, bean sprouts, and crispy onions. “It seems to be the dish of the week at the moment and we have flown through our stock with nothing but great feedback!” – Tom Goodchild, Chef & Brighton Spiegeltent organiser.

The Brighton Spigeltent is an inclusive venue, and therefore the food needed to be inclusive too, catering to dairy free, gluten free, and vegan diets. Tom very cleverly ordered Chilli Con Carne and Mexican Bean Chilli, serving both with steamed rice and fresh coriander, but adding sour cream to the meat version and soya yoghurt to the vegan option.

He also ensured no wastage by creatively including Mexican Bean Chilli as an optional extra, and as a topping on Vegan Chilli Fries. “This has been another week of fantastic feedback, people are loving your products!”


How can we assist?

For an outdoor festival where demand varies on a day-to-day basis, you need Mustard Foods to minimise on-site prep, manage stock control, and reduce wastage. With a significant stockholding at our production facility, Mustard can deliver last minute orders after a busy weekend depletes your stock.

With over 60 meals, soups and sauces available, Mustard is your central kitchen for any event, food market or festival. Contact us to request samples and find out how Mustard Foods can assist at your next big event and meet your budget requirements.

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