red wine sauce with sausages and mash

Red Wine Sauce: a convenient and versatile menu essential

Mar 20, 2023Nikita Singh

Red wine sauce is a convenient and versatile gravy to be used on roast meats, sausages, or seared duck breast.

A good red wine sauce can sometimes take hours to prepare. Between caramelising, deglazing and reduction, preparing the sauce uses valuable kitchen resources including gas and chef hours. Switching to a convenient and delicious ready-to-serve sauce saves you hours of preparation and manpower which can be prioritised for other tasks.

Our classic red wine sauce is made with Italian red wine, port and thyme for a rich but balanced sauce to pair with a variety of proteins. It’s important to use a light red wine with softer, fruitier notes which will be accentuated in the sauce. Slow-cooking the wine with a veal just results in a rich and luxurious gravy.

Like many of our products, this sauce is dairy and gluten free – an essential, convenient and versatile finishing sauce for modern kitchens.

Serving suggestions

  • Pour over sausages and mash
  • Serve with rack of lamb
  • Drizzle over roast lamb or roast beef
  • Serve with seared duck breast

Easy to prepare

  • Defrost prior to cooking.
  • Once defrosted, pour into a saucepan
  • Bring to a simmer over low heat, stirring occasionally until piping hot. Serve immediately.

The Mustard Foods Wholesale Range is continuously evolving with new products to assist with the demands of a busy kitchen, especially when chef resources are limited. The range includes 60 unique products from finishing sauces and pasta ragu, to complete ready-to-serve meals like Boeuf Bourguignon and Chicken Tikka Masala. If you’d like to sample any of our products, email us or call one of the sales team members to discuss further.

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