5 Essential Sauces for Coronation Weekend

5 Essential Sauces for Coronation Weekend

Apr 18, 2023Nikita Singh

Hotels and restaurants are fully booked for Coronation Weekend. It’s a win for the hospitality industry, but is your team prepared? Make sure your kitchen runs smoothly and efficiently as possible with these 5 essential sauces from Mustard Foods.


Rich luxurious sauces like beef gravy and red wine sauce can take hours to prepare, but they’re essential components of a royal feast. The Mustard Foods range of base and finishing sauces saves time spent slow-cooking gravy, and provides a convenient solution for using up leftover proteins. These are our Top 5 versatile sauces to keep on hand during Coronation Weekend:

1. Gravy DF/GF

You can’t have a Royal roast dinner without gravy. Our glossy veal-based gravy is flavoured with garlic and thyme and brightened with sherry vinegar. It’s a classic gravy to be used with roast dinner, beef wellington, pork chops, sausages, or steak. And if you’ve got cauliflower steak on the menu, request a sample of our brand new Vegan Gravy made with mushroom, thyme and white wine.


2. Cheese Sauce V/GF

Cheese sauce and béchamel are easy to make but time-consuming, that’s why our creamy cheddar cheese sauce is handy to have on hand for lasagne, potato gratin, and broccoli and cauliflower cheese. This creamy sauce has a perfect consistency for pouring or baking in the oven. Use the sauce as is for kids pasta, or mix in baby spinach and pan-fried chorizo for an upgraded mac and cheese.

3. Rustic Tomato Sauce DF/GF/V/Ve

Our slow-cooked rich tomato sauce is essential for any Italian dish – spaghetti and meatballs, pizza, mussels marinara, or melanzane alla parmigiana. This all-purpose sauce delivers a rich depth of flavour for your Italian meals without hours of preparation.

4. Thai Green Curry Sauce DF/GF/V/Ve

Thai Green Curry is one of our most popular products for its intense flavour and versatility. You can use any protein and any vegetable in this fragrant Thai curry and pair it with rice, noodles, or fried spinach. Alternatively, pair the sauce with rice and leftover protein for a hearty team meal after a long shift.

5. Red Wine Sauce DF/GF

Our classic red wine sauce is made with Italian red wine, port and thyme for a rich but balanced gravy to pair with a variety of proteins. This luxurious finishing sauce can be used for roast beef, sausages, seared duck breast, or lamb chops – meals fit for royalty.

Stocking these 5 essential sauces gives you the flexibility to change menu items at any time, prepare hearty team meals, and save time spent slow-cooking and reducing gravy. Contact us for samples and more information.


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