Fully booked, under staffed. We can help

Fully booked, under staffed. We’re here to help over Coronation Weekend

Apr 21, 2023Nikita Singh


The Coronation of King Charles III is fast approaching. With hotels and restaurants fully booked for Coronation Weekend, your kitchen needs Mustard Foods to prepare quality meals, ensure consistency all weekend, and feed your service team.

Provide your guests with a royal feast over Coronation Weekend with Mustard Foods’ Wholesale Range. Our extensive product list includes vegetarian/vegan, gluten free and dairy free options which can be ordered online. If you’re fully booked and under staffed, here’s why Mustard Foods is your solution to seamless service over Coronation Weekend:

Quality & Consistency

Mustard Foods uses high quality fresh produce, higher welfare chicken, and British beef. Our cooking process is led by experienced cooks in VCCs in small batches of just 90kgs for optimal quality and depth of flavour. Our chef-made meals ensure consistency in your kitchen across shifts all weekend.


Staff meals

With limited staff available, your kitchen team needs to focus on guest satisfaction. Our ready-to-serve meals take the pressure off staff food, and reduces time spent on mise en place and slow-cooking. With Mustard Foods, your team has the fuel they need to power through extended shifts on Coronation Weekend.

Meals fit for a King

While our signature Salsiccia Ragu is delicious, try elevating your Royal menu with luxurious dishes like Truffle Chicken & Porcini, Boeuf Bourguignon, or Chicken, Lemon & Chickpea Tagine. Our prepared meals are ideal for seasonal specials because it gives you the flexibility to change menu items at a whim without having to order and manage specialty ingredients.


Maximise income with cost-controlled portions

All our frozen meals come in 1.2kg bags for easy budgeting and cost control. Heat what you need for service, and the rest stays frozen for another day. In addition, our experienced team can assist your business with menu planning, order volumes, and load products on your procurement platform for easy purchasing and delivery.


Mustard Foods offers online ordering, payment terms, and overnight delivery. With fluctuating demand and last minute bookings, you can rest assured that Mustard Foods will provide the royal treatment with high quality, chef-prepared meals when you need it.

Mustard Foods supplies some of the UK’s leading hotels and restaurants with high quality, chef-prepared meals. Iconic restaurants like The Wolseley, and tech giant Global Relay depend on Mustard to feed their team. To find out more on how we can support and streamline your kitchen, email our sales team or give us a call.



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