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Global Relay relies on Mustard Foods to cater for their team

May 04, 2023Nikita Singh

International tech services company Global Relay relies on Mustard Foods to cater for a team of 445 people at their London head office.


Who is Global Relay?

Global Relay is a leading provider of compliant electronic communications archiving, messaging, supervision, and eDiscovery. They have offices around the globe, with 445 employees at the UK office located in Central London. Employees enjoy flexible working hours, and can work from home three times a week.

As a modern tech services company, Global Relay provides their team members with office perks and benefits including staff lounges, complimentary snacks and beverages, foosball, bubble hockey, and in-house chef-prepared meals for lunch.


global relay head chef
Slavko Švagelj, Head Chef at Global Relay London

Who prepares lunch at Global Relay?

Head Chef Slavko Švagelj started working at Global Relay in July 2022. At the time Slavko was the only chef in the kitchen, tasked with creating and planning menus, managing the kitchen and suppliers, and executing breakfast and lunch for 120 – 130 people daily.

John Tobey, Executive Chef at Global Relay Canada, organised 18 samples from Mustard Foods for Slavko to test and play with. He conducted a tasting with HR and other office team members and the feedback was unanimous. “Mustard is such a good high-quality prepared food, it’s perfection. Soups like Carrot, Ginger & Turmeric have amazing flavours and it’s perfectly smooth, and the Cauliflower Tikka Masala is an amazing dish from Mustard” – Slavko Švagelj, Head Chef for Global Relay.

Since Slavko started, Global Relay has employed 120 more people. This rapidly growing tech company gives Slavko their full support as the needs of the kitchen have grown.


How is Global Relay creatively using Mustard prepared meals?

Chef Slavko Švagelj creates a 4-week menu plan which includes a meat and vegetarian option each day, and an allergy sheet for the various meal components. Slavko has noticed that team members decide which days to come to the office based on what meals are being prepared. “In winter, people loved Mustard’s Boeuf Bourguignon, Beef Stroganoff and Coq Au Vin. Everyone was very sad to see them go for summer. The Boeuf Bourguignon has such rich flavours and it’s perfectly cooked.”

Slavko is an innovative and resourceful chef who adds his own creative flair to various Mustard products. For example, he mixes pan-fried chorizo and spinach into a classic Mac and Cheese, covers the top with panko breadcrumbs and bakes in the oven at 180°C for half an hour for a wonderfully hearty and comforting lunch.

“The Katsu Curry from Mustard is perfect for us. The sauce consistency and the vegetables inside are amazing.” Slavko serves Mustard’s Vegetable Katsu Curry with a pan-fried chicken fillet, fluffy rice, salad and a lime wedge.


mexican chilli bowls
Mexican Bean Chilli bowls

Why are team meals an incentive at Global Relay?

Team members have the option to work remotely, but developers and engineers who work in teams need to meet at the office. Global Relay’s subsidised lunches are a huge incentive to come into the office. As Slavko explains, eating out is very expensive and some restaurants use cheaper ingredients to cut costs resulting in pricey but low quality meals. “By using our reliable suppliers like Mustard, our team recognises and appreciates the quality of our food.”

As summer approaches, Slavko has developed a spring/summer menu plan with lighter, fresher meals. For example, he uses Mustard’s Chilli Con Carne in a Tex Mex Beef Salad, or pairs Chicken, Lemon & Chickpea Tagine with couscous and a fresh salad. With warmer weather, employees can enjoy their chef-prepared lunch on the terrace overlooking The Shard and the river.


How can Mustard assist your business?

Mustard Foods’ menu planning systems can assist with order volumes, budgeting, and meal rotation. Contact us to arrange a demo with your kitchen team or sample any products from our wholesale range. For a rapidly growing business, such as Global Relay, you need a reliable and consistent supplier like Mustard Foods to provide efficient service and deliver quality products weekly.

“Mustard is doing an amazing job and helping the hospitality industry so much through a difficult time” – Slavko Švagelj, Head Chef for Global Relay 

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