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On-site Mustard Foods portfolio tasting for Michels & Taylor

May 16, 2023Nikita Singh

 Mustard Foods prepares an on-site portfolio tasting for leading hotel management group Michels & Taylor (M&T)

Mustard Foods’ prepared meals come in frozen bags so it’s sometimes difficult to imagine the real-world possibilities for our gourmet products. That’s why we offer exclusive sample tastings to our clients to experience the meals heated, with garnishes, and served alongside vegetables and side dishes. This allows our clients to envision the products on their menu and experience the meal as their restaurant and hotel customers would.

For example, Mustard Foods recently conducted a sample tasting for the M&T hotel group at the Welcombe Hotel in Stratford-upon-Avon. Management teams and head chefs from the M&T group were in attendance to sample selected menu items and meet the Mustard Foods team.

Graham Hickman, New Business & Strategic Accounts Manager for Mustard Foods, gave a brief history of the Mustard Foods Wholesale Range, which has remained dedicated to quality, consistency and integrity for the last 15 years.

Mustard’s Development & Innovation Chef, Allison Vines-Rushing, provided details on product sourcing for the highest quality ingredients and the cooking methods employed to make the various meals on showcase.

The Tasting Menu

The M&T tasting menu included various curries and stews like Coq Au Vin served with mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables, Keralan Vegetable Curry served with rice and crispy poppadoms, and our signature Cottage Pie mix topped with fluffy mashed potatoes and spring onion (pictured above).

Attendees were blown away by Mustard’s Vegan Bolognese which doesn’t use soya or meat replacement, but rather chestnut mushroom, porcini and red wine to create a rich umami flavour comparable to meat. The bolognese was served with a variety of starches to showcase its versatility and menu potential.

“The sample tasting at The Welcombe gave us a chance to re-engage with M&T’s kitchen teams and show them the potential of Mustard’s high quality, consistent and flexible meal options” – Graham Hickman, New Business & Strategic Accounts Manager for Mustard Foods.

How can we help you

A sample tasting with Mustard Foods can assist with meal portioning and plating options to explore the opportunities for your hotel, restaurant or pub menu. Contact us to set up a tasting on-site or at our offices. We’re here to support the hospitality industry with high quality, chef-prepared meals to assist cook teams and alleviate some of the pressures of a busy kitchen environment.

Sales Team:
Adrian Le Moine 07394 006411
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