Adrian McCaffrey takes the reins as Mustard Foods Facilities Manager

Adrian McCaffrey takes the reins as Mustard Foods Facilities Manager

Jun 16, 2016Shopify API

Mustard Foods has grown from strength to strength in 2016 however, this growth has brought with it new challenges. An expanding facility
and various demands on infrastructure have called for the essential appointment of Adrian McCaffrey as Facilities Manager.

“I am very excited about joining a vastly expanding business with a dynamic team who are fully focussed on becoming a market leader within the food production industry,” said McCaffrey.

Adrian recently moved from Management level in the rail industry and has over 25 years of experience in the leisure industry. At Mustard Foods, Adrian will oversee areas of the business that are increasingly in need of a dedicated professional. Some of these areas will include; health and safety, staff welfare and the day to day management of long-term projects and contractors.

“With some major projects in the pipeline over the coming months, for example, the upgrade of our electrical supply involving the installation of a dedicated substation on site, Adrian is going to have his hands full,” said James Durrant, Commercial Director. “Adrian’s experience will be essential as we scale our facility to accommodate growth.”

Adrian is positive that with safety standards already in place and conforming with legislation will assist him in developing his role as Facilities Manager. “I look forward to enhancing the excellent reputation and positive culture that Mustard Foods already provides,” he said.

Welcome, Adrian, we’re delighted to have you on board.

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