Mustard Foods teams up with VEOLIA

Mustard Foods teams up with VEOLIA

Jul 04, 2016Shopify API

As 2016 draws to an end, Mustard Foods has made the decision to partner with waste, waste and energy management company, Veolia.

Veolia provides a range of services and is designed to build the circular economy and preserve scarce natural materials.

Mustard Foods Facilities Manager, Adrian McCaffrey, found Veolia’s offer appealing as their local depot and multiple waste and recycling streams are all managed by the same team.

“As a food production company, waste management is an essential ingredient, and we must get it right, all the time,” he says.

“Veolia have a responsive team ensuring we’re on top of all waste and recycling related matters.”

With Veolia general waste that is not recycled in the traditional processes is sent to SELCHP.

SELCHP (pronounced ‘sell-chip) is an advanced Energy Recovery Facility built regarded as an example of industry best practice, with similar facilities modelled on its design now constructed around the world.

Watch a virtual tour of SELCHP here

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