Crosbie keeping things Safe & Clean in the Mustard Kitchen

Crosbie keeping things Safe & Clean in the Mustard Kitchen

Sep 27, 2016Shopify API

In Emma Crosbie’s role as Technical Manager at Mustard Foods, Emma is tasked with protecting public health and ensuring food is produced
safely and to perfection. “When people think of food safety they often think of washing hands and cooking food to high temperatures, and whilst these are extremely important aspects, there is a lot more to it than that,” Emma says.

Crosbie’s role includes providing food safety training to Mustard staff, putting controls in place to eliminate hazards, ensuring compliance with SALSA (Safe & Local Supplier Approval) by managing waste control, pest control, personal hygiene, stock control and building maintenance, and ensuring each new product provides customers with all necessary information.

“Food safety is achieved through a series of interlinking factors including putting procedures in place, ensuring staff are aware of potential food safety hazards (physical, chemical & microbiological) and providing accurate and honest information about our products,” Emma explains.

Crosbie, who has a Masters in Food Safety & Control from London South Bank University, joined Mustard Foods in 2014 as our technical assistant. Emma also holds a Level 3 award in HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points) issued by the RSPH (Royal Society for Public Health) and a Sensory Evaluation certificate accredited by the IFST (the Institute of Food Science & Technology).

During Emma’s first year at Mustard Foods the company achieve SALSA accreditation. Emma has since been involved in implementing a number of procedures and improving existing ones.

“Emma plays a vital role in keeping Mustard Foods running safely and at the top of its game,” says James Robins, Managing Director of Mustard Foods. “Emma is a real asset to the business and we hope to see her take food safety to new heights as the business continues to grow.”

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