Hassan Johnson: 35 Years at Mustard and still going strong. From wash-up to Arancini Wizard.

Hassan Johnson: 35 Years at Mustard and still going strong. From wash-up to Arancini Wizard.

Jun 22, 2022Ella Wharton de Keranga

Hassan Johnson joined Mustard in 1987 in the hygiene team. While with Mustard Catering he quickly grew within the ranks and regularly cooked for the Royal family amongst other members of London’s High Society. Now a driving force within the Mustard Foods team he is responsible for overseeing the production of more than two million arancini balls a year.

You’ve been a Mustard Catering since before I was born 😉. Tell me about your various roles at Mustard?
Hassan has worked at Mustard for 35 years, he began his Mustard life working in the hygiene team. Overtime he graduated to the kitchen climbing the ranks to staff cook before progressing to the chef team, Hassan added ‘I am a team player and will do everything that is required of me and more.’

Have you worked in food production before?
Before starting at Mustard Catering in 1987 he worked as a butcher in London.

What do you enjoy most about working at Mustard?
‘The people’ Hassan proclaimed. For Hassan the most important thing when working is to be able to get the work done efficiently but also to be able to have a laugh. Hassan added ‘you see my smile before seeing me’.

What’s your favourite Mustard Foods lunch?
Hassan is mad about couscous and salad.

Where did you grow up?
Hassan was born in London. Six months after he was born he and his family moved to Jamaica, where he grew up and spent his childhood before returning ‘home’ to London at age 22.

Tell us something interesting about your family:
He has a wife and two daughters that he says ‘are my soul.’

Quick Fire Facts:
Favourite holiday destination: Jamaica and America, the peaceful and calm areas!
Hobbies: Playing some music, singing and meeting new people.
Football Team: Prefers cricket
Which super power would you have for a day: To fly

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