Six reasons five star hotels are turning to Mustard Foods to feed their staff

Six reasons five star hotels are turning to Mustard Foods to feed their staff

Jun 30, 2022Mustard Foods

Since 2008 Mustard Foods have supplied high-end hotels and restaurants across the UK with bespoke chef made ready-to-serve meals, sauces and soups. Using this experience Mustard has developed a carefully crafted, off-the-shelf, frozen and ready-to-serve range of meals to support the challenging times faced by the foodservice sector.

Here are the six reasons why high-end hotels are turning to Mustard Foods to feed staff and guests.

1. CHEFS are in short supply. Hotels are using our ready-to-serve meals to feed staff and guests taking the pressure off the kitchen.

2. CONSISTENCY is always a challenge across shifts, teams, annual leave and growing demands. Our chef made ready-to-serve meals will ensure consistency, food cost margin and loyalty from staff and guests.

3. FLEXIBILITY for your team to customise, finish, and execute dishes in line with your menu, brand, portioning and style.

4. MINIMUM WAGE is on the march, hotels face cost pressures from all sides. Outsource some of your menu and take the pressure off the kitchen team with our chef made ready-to-serve meals.

5. SHELF LIFE, all our products have a minimum of six months giving you the flexibility.

6. CONVENIENT online ordering, payment terms and overnight delivery.

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