50 shades of soup - Autumn and Winter menu's are ready

50 shades of soup - Autumn and Winter menu's are ready

Jul 07, 2022Mustard Foods

Summer doesn’t seem like the ideal time to taste test 48 soups, across 12 core taste profiles. The results are in and we have 15 great soups and our menu rotation ready for our Autumn and Winter menu.

Our evolving range, and the demands from our wholesale clients means tastings are now a weekly occurrence. We are continually looking to evolve our Mustard Foods range and improve the existing products to ensure their high quality and consistency.

Tasting such a vast range of soups in one sitting is challenging but nothing compared to what the chef development team faces in preparing for the second and third round tastings.

Supplying a combination of high end restaurants and five star hotels means we not only support kitchens in preparing meals for guests but also for staff food. In a busy restaurant or hotel looking after and feeding your team is a key to success, especially in a competitive labour market.

Soups allow a busy back of house to function quickly and efficiently. Not everyone has time to stop for a full meal but would rather ‘graze’. Keeping a wholesome drinking soup warm and ready to eat is easy for a kitchen and great for the team. Many of our soups are designed to be consumed on-the-go and we ensure our range has enough variety so there is a full week’s rotation.

Our current soup range of 12 soups, priced from £1 a portion, can be seen here, and below is a list

Butternut & Sage Soup; seasonal velvety butternut squash soup seasoned with a touch of sage.
Carrot, Ginger & Turmeric Soup; a silky smooth carrot and coconut soup with a hint of ginger and turmeric.
Cauliflower & Cheddar Soup; an indulgent smooth cauliflower and mature cheddar soup, finished with double cream.
Celeriac & Apple Soup; a smooth celeriac soup with apple.
Leek & Potato Soup; classic smooth soup of sautéed leek and potato finished with cream.
Minestrone Soup; hearty classic Italian vegetable soup in a tomato broth finished with basil.
Moroccan Tomato Soup; Smooth tomato soup, lightly spiced with Ras el Hanout, Cumin and Turmeric.
Mushroom Soup; a creamy mushroom and thyme soup with a hint of garlic cooked slowly and blended with a touch of cream
Parsnip & Apple Soup; a classic creamy parsnip soup with a hint of apple, finished with cream and blended until smooth.
Pea & Mint Soup; a light and healthy garden pea soup.
Spiced Pumpkin Soup; a smooth velvety, lightly spiced pumpkin soup.
Tomato & Basil Soup; smooth tomato soup, lightly spiced with Ras el Hanout, Cumin and Turmeric.

With more than 20 high end restaurants groups and five star hotels now using our range for staff food we’re looking forward to a busy second half of 2022.

Our sales team is here to help. If you need samples, proposed menu structures and rotations. Or budget, margin and portion control guidance, we have the tools to manage this for you.

Adrian Le Moine
07394 006 411

Graham Hickman
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