Jamie Jones joins Mustard Foods as Quality Manager

Jamie Jones joins Mustard Foods as Quality Manager

Apr 04, 2018Mustard Foods

From Belazu to Coca Cola and now Mustard Foods, Jamie Jones is taking on a different challenge as our new Quality Manager.

After studying in Cork City, Ireland for a BSc in Microbiology, Jamie crossed the pond to London looking for new opportunities. The food industry was at the top of her list after gaining interest through her studies and her previous work in a local restaurant that put an emphasis on locally and sustainably sourced ingredients.

She began her career in the food industry as a Quality Assurance Technician in Belazu, the UK’s Olive experts and Mediterranean ingredient supplier. Here she discovered that assessing incoming raw materials and finished products through chemical and organoleptic testing was the ideal role for someone with a keen eye for detail. Working with a close knit team allowed Jamie the opportunity to see how all aspects of a Quality and Technical department operated in a food manufacturing environment.

After two successful years at Belazu, Jamie was offered the position of Site Microbiologist at Coca Cola European Partners. Leaving a smaller independent manufacturer for such a large corporate was a somewhat daunting task but presented a great opportunity to further develop her skills. Working in a large scale site gave her a completely different perspective on testing regimes and standards.

The role was varied and she also spent some time as a QESH coordinator where she was responsible for dealing with consumer complaints and implementing actions to ensure compliance with new and current standards. Working with such a large team and various departments presented new challenges, but also allowed Jamie to see where management issues could arise and how they could be resolved before they impacted the quality of the product, or the high standard in place.

It was this experience that gave Jamie the desire to move into a more senior role where she could use her skills to greater impact and implement strategy and policy. After much debate she decided that a return to a smaller independent company in the food industry was her ideal role and Mustard Foods was the perfect choice.

Jamie is looking forward to the challenges that lie ahead and ensuring the company further develops its standards in all areas; from raw materials to processing to finished products at consumption. A strong believer that good manufacturing practices in all areas of a site are the right foundation to grow a rigid set of quality standards, Jamie’s ethos will ensure that the high quality already defined by the Mustard Foods brand is always delivered to every customer.

Welcome aboard, Jamie!

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