Street Food: popularity grows for on-the-go

Street Food: popularity grows for on-the-go

Mar 16, 2018Mustard Foods

In today’s fast-paced always-on-the-go world, street foods are a growing market, and one that is unlikely to cool down as they have become a part of our lifestyle.

Hungry? Grab a quick and easy meal with nothing more than a brief pause.

Forget Michelin stars, these days some of the best food in London is dished up on the street in the city’s most iconic spaces.

London’s street food scene is fast becoming a foodie’s dream come true with many wonderful food markets from small local collectives to large, famous institutions such as Borough Market.

There are a growing number of street food markets throughout the capital including Hawker House, Street Feast, Kerb London and other independent markets.

Mustard Foods team members regularly visit these to get inspiration, experience new ideas and flavours, and to chat about all things food with the traders.

Offering a range of dishes from all quarters of the globe, consumers are looking for convenience, flavourful food at a reasonable price, ethnic cuisines and even a touch of nostalgia.

Street foods are becoming more sophisticated, from their flavours to ethically sourced products and even the environment with the number of disposable items, such as cutlery, decreasing.

The growing desire for on-the-go street food is providing new business and inspiration.

The popularity of these easy-to-grab meals has paved the way for traders to progress, offering a platform for them to establish a loyal following and then take the next step by securing investment for a permanent site.

There are success stories such as Mustard Foods’ customer Yum Bun, who bill their steamed buns as a “street feast must”!

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