It's chilly in here

It's chilly in here!

Feb 21, 2018Mustard Foods

Mustard Foods has been ramping up its capacity in recent months with our new extra wide-bodied on-site freezer going live in January.

Towards the end of last year Mustard Foods embarked on a project to consolidate and expand on-site freezer capacity.

In light of the growing number of ingredients we use and the steps and facilities required to house these properly, we replaced three smaller freezers with one large storage unit.

With a vision to introducing better product flow through the premises, we ensured that the design of the new freezer unit – with its large front doors for delivery and rear doors for picking – suited our specific needs.

Last month, the extra wide-bodied unit was in place and turned on for the very first time with 40 pallets of ingredients re-homed and set for the big freeze.

With more growth planned for the future, there are plenty more spaces to be filled – and progress to be made.

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