Vegan trends for 2018 at Mustard Foods

Vegan trends for 2018 at Mustard Foods

Feb 16, 2018Mustard Foods

The ‘meat alternatives’ will be the next billion dollar industry, and it is not only the millennials driving this change.

With the movement bigger than any one generation, celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio, companies like Google and countries as big as China are all behind and support the switch to plant-based foods.

The British high street has welcomed this shift, with more and more vegan offerings on the menu and a change of diet towards the consumption of less meat – all driven by a health food renaissance with the benefits of lower cholesterol, better digestion and a healthier heart.

Mustard Foods has embraced this and is already one step ahead of the game. More than a year ago Dan Pearson, Head of Food, began enquiring into sourcing innovative and unique ingredients to drive through new vegan offerings for our customers.

Having recently received our first delivery of Jackfruit, we are currently experimenting with different flavours and combinations for various dishes. Jackfruit is a fruit-based alternative with the texture of pulled meat and versatile enough to carry flavours from around the world to make it widely appealing and a great alternative to meat.

Also top of the list for sourcing for 2018 was black chickpeas. This ingredient is at the heart of any vegetarian diet in India and the health benefits are substantial.

Super high in fibre, they aid in weight loss while there are cardiovascular benefits and it lowers cholesterol, stabilises blood sugar levels and prevents diabetes. It is a great source of iron and protein and helps prevent bowl cancer. Good for skin, it combats hair loss and aids in hair growth, reduces dandruff and prevents greying of hair. Truly a super food!

Recipe development is well underway to create delicious dishes to promote this amazing ingredient in 2018.

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