The annual Christmas Awards Party

The annual Christmas Awards Party

Jan 17, 2018Mustard Foods

Mustard Foods celebrated another successful year with our Christmas Awards Party at the Munich Cricket Club in Victoria with live music, festivities and, of course, dancing on the tables.

Every year we honour our hard-working team, from those who have shown loyalty over the years to the best newcomer to the team player of the year.

After a short speech in which commercial director James Durrant thanked everyone for what has been a year of “immense growth” for Mustard Foods, it was down to the awards.

Team Player Award: Frank Boateng
This award is given to the person who best represents the three key attributes of humility, hunger and people smarts.

Loyalty Award: Lodencio Brion
Brion has been with us since 2011.

Newcomer of the Year: Karolina Lenkiewicz / Gergana Luchkova (two winners)
Given to someone who joined the company in 2017 and represents our values as well as being a team player.

Our Values Award: Joanna Lewandowicz
Awarded to the person who has the five attributes of believing in people; quality – what we do, we do very well; progression – continuously advancing in everything we do; integrity – always open, honest, ethical and fair; and prudence – take time, thought and care.

Lifetime Award: Hassan Johnson
This was a special award for Hassan who has been with the Mustard Group since 1987.

Upon receiving her award, Lewandowicz said: “This is a real honour given the calibre of the people working alongside me. I have loved my years with Mustard Foods and hope for many, many more.”

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