Ready-to-serve soups can get your team through Christmas

Ready-to-serve soups can get your team through Christmas

Oct 03, 2023Nikita Singh

Ready-to-serve soups can get your team through Christmas. The festive season is tough enough on kitchen staff without preparing gallons of soup from scratch. 

Ready-to-serve soups can get your team through Christmas. Mustard’s range of quality chef-prepared soups include vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options. Ideal for set menus, seasonal specials, starters, or staff meals.

ResDiary’s 2023 Festive Season Report states, “Over a third of restaurants (38%) operate a set seasonal menu during this period, which is a great way to both maintain control of your stock levels and spending, while also creating an alluring experience to attract diners”. 

Soups make an excellent first course on a set menu because you can offer a choice of options that cover all dietary requirements. It’s also flexible in terms of restaurant style: an Italian restaurant can serve Minestrone or Tomato & Basil while a French bistro could serve Celeriac & Apple or French Onion.

As the report points out, a set menu helps maintain stock control. By keeping ready-to-serve soups in the freezer, you can easily manage stock levels and reduce just-in-time deliveries. 

Lastly, ready-to-serve meals and soups can be a gamechanger for your team during the busiest days of the festive season. The Wolseley’s Head Chef David Stevens explains, “With The Wolseley offering food all day and being one of the busiest London restaurants, we have to stagger our staff breaks throughout the day. It’s an incredible help to have Mustard behind us, nourishing our staff with great meals they can eat at any time.”

Make Christmas easier for your kitchen team with high quality ready-to-serve soups. 

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