Cook from frozen arancini

Cook from frozen arancini

Sep 13, 2023Nikita Singh

No stress, no mess with The Arancini Collection – a selection of three decadent cook from frozen arancini balls. 


What are arancini?

Arancini are a popular Italian street food originating in Sicily. It’s made with cooked risotto rice that’s shaped into balls, breaded and deep-fried. Common fillings include ragu, mozzarella or  peas. The name, derived from the Sicilian word ‘aranciu’, means orange because after frying, the risotto balls’ shape and colour is reminiscent of the fruit. 


How does Mustard make arancini?

Our cooks carefully prepare handmade risotto which is chilled to firm up enough to roll. Once chilled, the risotto is shaped into perfect balls of equal size. The balls are then dropped into an egg wash and finally, they are carefully coated in panko by hand to retain their shape. Finished risotto balls are placed on a trolley in the blast freezer before being packaged in 1kg bags for distribution. 


What flavours are in the Arancini Collection? 

Due to the popularity of our classic arancini, we’ve introduced two brand new flavours to the range. All our hand-finished risotto balls have a creamy filling and crispy panko crumb, but each variant has a unique flavour profile:

  1. Katsu Arancini: gently spiced katsu-flavoured arancini with pickled radish
  2. Sundried Tomato: sundried tomato and red pepper arancini with mozzarella and oregano
  3. Mozzarella & Oregano: classic Sicilian arancini with mozzarella cheese and oregano


Why should you put arancini on your menu? 

  1. Versatile: These bite-sized balls can be served as starters, canapés, or bar snacks. They can be paired with a variety of flavours and sauces to suit your menu.
  2. Cook from frozen: Frying the arancini straight from the freezer means easy storage and easy preparation. 
  3. Extended shelf life: No need to worry about expiration dates, these frozen arancini have a 5 month shelf life. 
  4. Quick & easy prep: Cooked from frozen, the arancini cook in just 5 minutes in the deep fryer. 


Serving suggestions


Easy to prepare: 

  • Always cook from frozen, do not defrost
  • Deep fry at 180°C for 5 minutes
  • Serve hot


The Mustard Foods Wholesale Range includes arancini, soups, stews and curries to support the foodservice industry. Our products are frozen for optimal storage and stock management, and our cooks and technical teams work hard to ensure every batch is consistent and quality-controlled. Contact us for more information or to request samples.

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