Rustic Tomato Sauce: a consistent multi-purpose base sauce

Dec 04, 2023Nikita Singh

Our Rustic Tomato Sauce is a versatile and consistent kitchen essential used as a multi-purpose base sauce for Italian and French dishes.

Technically, anyone can make tomato sauce. You could pour some tinned tomatoes in a pan, simmer for 5 minutes and call it a sauce. But all good chefs know that a real flavourful tomato sauce needs to be slow-cooked, it needs the right balance of acidity, and it needs the perfect consistency in order to cling to pasta or vegetables.

The Mustard Foods procurement and development teams have done the hard work for you by carefully sourcing tomato pulp and puree with the optimal flavour and texture for a Rustic Tomato Sauce. A tomato’s flavour can vary immensely based on ripeness, the variety, and the soil in which it was grown. Mustard ensures a consistent sauce by sourcing from one supplier, testing the tomatoes before use, and adjusting acidity with a dash of cider vinegar.

The sauce is subtly flavoured with garlic, onion, bay leaf, oregano and black pepper to develop a neutral tomato sauce adaptable to a variety of dishes. This rich tomato sauce is dairy free, vegan, and gluten free – highly versatile for difficult dietary requirements.

Serving suggestions
  • A handy tomato sauce for pizza, pasta, meatballs, or ratatouille.
  • Layer with fried aubergine and cheese for melanzane alla parmigiana.
  • Add tomato sauce to tempered cumin and smoked paprika for a rustic shakshuka base.
  • Use as a tomato base for mussels marinara.
Easy to prepare
  • If frozen, cook at full steam in the SCC for 30 minutes
  • If defrosted, pour into a saucepan and bring to a simmer over low heat, stirring occasionally until piping hot.


The Mustard Foods Wholesale Range offers a variety of prepared meals, sauces and soups to help your kitchen work faster, not harder. Save time on mise en place and slow-cooking with our chef-prepared sauces specifically designed to assist the hospitality industry. For more information or request samples, contact our sales team.

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