The UK’s favourite pie revealed – can you guess what it is?

The UK’s favourite pie revealed – can you guess what it is?

Dec 18, 2023Nikita Singh

The UK’s favourite pie revealed – can you guess what it is? Whether it’s a beef pie with gravy at the pub, or an artisanal mini pie using homemade pastry, UK diners love pies. 

The UK’s favourite pie

The UK’s favourite pie revealed – based on the average number of searches for each pie, 2023 search data reveals that Cottage Pie is the UK’s favourite pie with 74 000 monthly searches, and Shepherd’s Pie coming in close second with 60 500 monthly searches. 

Fish Pie comes in third, while Chicken and Leek Pie takes a very respectable fourth place. 

What makes a good pie?

“A good pie filling should be substantial and deliver a contrast in textures,” explains Mike Cook, an arbitrator of The Great Taste Awards. 

A filled pie dish topped with a single layer of puff pastry can be called a pie, but a good quality filling can’t be cheated. Mustard Foods’ range of pie fillings offer substantial, flavoursome fillings with contrasting textures. For instance, Steak Diane includes tender British beef, firm button mushrooms, and a silky brandy cream sauce. 

Similarly, a well-made Cottage Pie combines a rich meaty ragu and creamy mashed potatoes with slightly crisp edges – it’s no wonder that it tops the charts as the nation’s favourite pie. 

The UK’s favourite pie revealed – Cottage Pie

Are Mustard Pie Fillings versatile? 

With ready-to-use pie fillings, you can make individual pot pies, hand pies, deep dish pies, or large double crust pies. Top with mashed potato, sweet potato, scalloped potato, puff pastry or shortcrust pastry.

Innovation & Development Chef Allison Vines-Rushing shares her recommendations: “My favourite pie filling is Steak Diane. It’s incredibly versatile, you can serve it as a stew over potatoes for instance, instead of topped with potatoes or shortcrust. In a restaurant I would make individual pies for a nice presentation”.

How to elevate a simple pie

  • For potato-topped pies such as Cottage Pie and Shepherd’s Pie, add a splash of cream or sour cream to your mashed potatoes for an extra creamy topping. Add a sprinkling of cheese and butter before baking for a crisp texture. 
  • Garnish potato-based pies with grated parmesan and fresh herbs. 
  • Elevate store bought pastry by rolling fresh herbs and spices into the dough. 
  • Always remember to apply an egg wash and pinch of flaky sea salt for a golden shiny crust and contrasting texture. 

Easy as pie

Our ready-to-use pie fillings are versatile, easy to use, and can be heated from frozen to make life easier for your kitchen and procurement teams. 

Menu rotation:

With four different pie fillings to choose from, you can offer a different pie each week for a whole month. Contact us to develop a personalised menu planner suited to the demands of your kitchen. 

Easy preparation:

  • If frozen, cook at full steam in the SCC for 30 minutes
  • If defrosted, pour into a saucepan and bring to a simmer over low heat, stirring occasionally until piping hot.

View the brochure:

Download the 2023/24 Winter Brochure and our Pie Fillings Guide for more information and request samples. 

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