“The best catering they’ve ever had!” Top London caterer finds a winning combination

“The best catering they’ve ever had!” Top London caterer finds a winning combination

Apr 16, 2024Nikita Singh

“They were so happy, they said it was the best catering they’ve ever had!” Angie’s needed support from a high quality, consistent food partner to cater a major high profile London event.


Who is Angie’s Catering? 

Angie Steele is an accomplished chef and owner of Angie’s, experts in catering delivered. Their food is prepared to order in a kitchen in Chiswick and delivered to you ready to eat, taking the hassle out of entertaining. Angie’s high profile clientele includes corporates, banks, recording studios and residential dinner parties. 

Angie’s specialises in well-presented, ready-to-eat platters and canapés – simple food done well with high quality fresh ingredients, and that’s why Angie trusted Mustard Foods to cater a major event for 1000 guests. 


Why did Angie trust Mustard?

As a delivered catering specialist, Angie’s doesn’t usually do hot food catering with on-site chefs, but a loyal client of many years made a special request. Angie recalls, “I wasn’t going to do the job without Mustard because I know the quality of their food. It’s on par with the quality that we do, I always find Mustard incredibly reliable.”


Vegan and gluten free options

The client required gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It was a 24/7 operation feeding 1000 people a day, for 6 days. “Mustard’s vegan options are amazing, which made life so easy.”



“When you’re feeding 1000 people you need a consistent product that works. Mustard doesn’t cut corners with their food,” says Angie. Mustard uses the finest ingredients prepared by experienced cooks to maintain consistency across all products. 



With a considerable stockholding available, Angie was able to sample and order Mustard products at the 11th hour. Being a 6-day event, their catering needs varied day-to-day. As a premium wholesale client, Angie could call at any time to adjust her order ahead of delivery. 


How did Angie add her own touches? 

“We took Mustard’s food as a base and elevated it, it was a winning combination”. 

With an extensive range of soups to choose from, Angie served two different soups each day with lunch and dinner, along with fresh sourdough rolls and salads.

Angie took Mustard’s high quality products and added her own creative flair. To Beef Stroganoff, she added caramelised onions, wild mushrooms, and dollops of sour cream. She used Mexican Chilli as a base for moreish toppings like avocado salsa, tomato salsa and crispy onions. “We did something quite special, we took really good food, and put our own touches on it”.

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