Wolseley recruit Mustard to feed their team

Wolseley recruit Mustard to feed their team

Sep 20, 2021Eleanor Robins

Who is The Wolseley?

With an impeccable culture of hospitality, steeped in heritage, elegance, and with a spectacular interior, The Wolseley has occupied the iconic building of 160 Piccadilly since 2003. Combining British heritage with European grandeur, this beguiling café-restaurant, arguably one of London’s most respected, is today renowned for its seamless service and classic food.

A Short History

Shortly after The Ritz opened its glitzy and glamorous doors in 1906, Wolseley Motors Ltd, designed by architect William Curtis Green, occupied the site of 160 Piccadilly. His vision of domed ceilings and monochrome geometric marble flooring, remained when it became Barclays Bank in 1927, whose counters and managers offices have transformed to form today’s bar and tea salon at The Wolseley. Acquired by restaurateurs Chris Corbin and Jeremy King, the duo are ‘architects of ambience’ having created some of London’s most iconic restaurants, and continue to make a significant contribution to the hospitality industry.

What do they offer?

Hailed as one of the busiest London restaurants, The Wolseley offers an abundance of choice for its customers; from breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner to an all day and late night menu, and has received numerous accolades, including Moët and Tatler’s Restaurant of the Decade, and the The Observer’s Best Breakfasts. Seated amongst walls of polished Portland Stone, red, black and gold lacquered panels and columns, with elaborate bronze pendants and concealed lamps, The Wolseley provides quite the unforgettable dining experience.

Who is Mustard?

Simultaneously in the business of doing pleasure, is Mustard Foods, who established itself in the 1970s at the forefront of luxury catering in London, delivering exceptional events on an international scale, and have been looking after clients across London and the UK since, with unequalled style, professionalism and excellent food. Having successfully diversified in developing and producing quality hand-made meals, Mustard Wholesale was created to provide the perfect solution for growing and established restaurant groups, and independents, seeking to affordably feed their staff and customers, whilst not compromising on quality or nutrition. Having supported a variety of businesses each presenting unique challenges, Graham, UK Sales Manager for Mustard Foods, is now in collaboration with David Stevens, Head Chef at the Wolseley, to feed his team of 150 staff.

‘It is something we are proud to be doing. It is of the utmost importance that we support each other through this exceptionally difficult time, in integrating the flexibility and alliance necessary to provide the best result possible for our clients. It is wonderful to have The Wolseley join our fast-growing client base.’

– Graham, UK Sales Manager for Mustard Foods.

Our Solution:

Offering a rotating menu of over 40 dishes from Western European classics such as Spaghetti Bolognese and Boeuf Bourguignon to Indian, Sri Lankan and Thai curries, in addition to a plethora of plates to satisfy all palates, omnivores and vegans alike, Mustard meals are all handmade, and consistently evolving in tandem with input from wholesale clients. The result: bespoke, cost effective and easy to prepare dishes for The Wolseley’s numerous staff, enabling them to focus on providing an exceptional dining experience for their customers.

The Wolseley Head Chef David Stevens says…

“With The Wolseley offering food all day and being one of the busiest London restaurants, we have to stagger our staff breaks throughout the day. It’s an incredible help to have Mustard behind us, nourishing our staff with great meals they can eat at any time.”

How can we help?

Mustard are paving the way in establishing themselves as a flexible alternative for restaurants and independents with limited space, resources (and chefs), looking to pursue a streamlined, convenient and reliable outsourcing option to help their business thrive. No matter what the challenge, Mustard Foods offers an unparalleled and bespoke solution to each business they support.

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